Dudley Elementary

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Dudley Office Staff & Registration

 Joining our staff are Debbie Sullivan (Parent Liaison) in our front office are Holli Stevens (Campus Secretary), and Priscilla Garcia (Campus Clerk). Office hours are 7:30-4:00 Monday-Friday. The school number is 361.788.9517.
If you have not begun or completed the registration process for your child, please take time this week or this weekend to get this done. All registration is to be completed on-line. Proof of address may be scanned and uploaded to your submission or a hard copy can be dropped by the office.
Please be advised that we will be unable to assign a classroom teacher for any student whose registration is not complete.
Furthermore, students who register late are in danger of losing their spot at Dudley if the grade level becomes capped. Dudley and other campuses make staffing decisions based on the number of registrations completed. Thus, if registration is not complete, we may be at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring new staff.
Please also note that online registration must be submitted by Friday, August 3 in order to have an assigned teacher for Minnow Camp and Sneak Peek.
Please contact us immediately if you need assistance. We are here to serve you!
Thank you!